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Big news for primary schools

  We've cooked up a new and exciting hands-on food education program for primary schools and early learning centres to bring food knowledge and cooking skills to life. Jamie Oliver's Learn Your Fruit and Veg program has been running in the UK through the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation since 2012, and we are now bringing it to schools in Australia. The Australian program is fun, educational, and designed to teach children about food - what it is, where it comes from, and how it affects their bodies - whilst equipping them with valuable skills for life. Jamie Oliver’s Learn Your Fruit and Veg brings to life delicious, seasonal food with beautiful lesson plans and recipes. Many of the recipes can be made in an ordinary classroom and don’t require a kitchen, making cooking and food education accessible to all children regardless of their school or location. The resources also have extended curriculum links providing inspiration for teachers to incorporate food and health education, into other disciplines such as mathematics, art, and physical education. We want to create a new generation of people who can have a better understanding of food and the importance it can play in creating a healthier life.

Why is it so important?

The landscape of Australian health facts are pretty hard to swallow:

  • One in four children aged 5-17 is overweight or obese.
  • If weight continues at current levels, close to 80% of Australian adults and a third of all children will be overweight or obese.
  • 69.2% of children aged 8-11, fail to consume the recommended intake of at least 5 serves of vegetables per day.
  • Excess weight increases the risk of poor health during childhood and of developing chronic conditions as adults.

The good news is that diet related diseases are both reversible and preventable.

  • Kids who learn to cook have better diets and are more aware of the importance of making healthier choices.
  • Health habits formed early in life can follow on throughout childhood, adolescence and into adulthood.
  • Kids who eat healthy lunches perform better at school and are less likely to take days off.
  • Children who plant their own fruit and vegetables are more likely to eat them.
Source: ABS Health Survey Report 2011/2012 and National Nutrition Survey 2012.

Get involved

Register your interest in the Learn Your Fruit and Veg program by filling out our registration form below.

The initial trial ran in 2015 with the extended program to roll out in 2018. Calling all primary schools and childcare centres Australia-wide. Register your interest now.

How it works

  • The core aim of the Jamie Oliver's Learn Your Fruit and Veg Program is to inspire primary students to get involved in cooking in a fun, practical way.
  • The program will introduce children to fresh produce, helping to develop healthy eating habits from an early age.
  • Each resource focuses on a different fruit or vegetable and comes complete with a Jamie Oliver recipe as well as fun facts and curriculum-linked supporting activities.
  • Where possible, the resource includes a heat and no-heat option so that schools can get children cooking without fully equipped kitchens.
  • Lessons last for 90 minutes and are always seasonal. It's all about getting children to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in, smelling, touching and tasting fresh produce, while learning to prepare a simple recipe.

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The Good Foundation is a not for profit organisation established in 2010 to focus on programs and projects that promote good health and nutrition. It's The Good Foundation belief that education is vital in making health a priority and part of the solution is to provide a way that younger people can make informed decisions on food choices.

learn it, cook it, love it